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Don’t walk away! We will help you stay home another six to twelve months. Don’t allow the new owner of the house to push you out. You need time to find a place to move with your family.

My team and I take over the communication and the process so you don’t have to contact the new owners or their attorneys. You will never have to go to court, and you may stay in your house another six to twelve months until this process is over. This gives you time to find a place to move.

The right company to serve you must be able to provide the following services at a reasonable cost:

Delay the eviction for a minimum of six to nine months

Design a financial strategy to help you start fresh and move on with your life.

Help you restore your good credit standing.

Help you find a home to rent or buy when the eviction process is over

Before you hire anyone, ask the following questions:

  1. What is the average length of time you can keep clients in their home after foreclosure?

Any half decent company should keep a client an average of   9 months. (my company’ s average is 13  months)

  1. What is the cost to stay home compared to the cost of moving out?

The cost to remain home should be such that allows you to save a minimum of $12000 compared to the cost of moving out, using the same length of time as comparison.  (in this case 12 months)

  1. Can they help restore your credit at no additional cost?

A full service Post-Foreclosure Strategies Company can help restore your credit at no additional cost. 

  1. When this process is over, can you help me find a home to rent or to buy?

A Post-Foreclosure Strategies company can help you find a home, it will also work with you on a financial strategy so you will have the financial means to successfully move on with your life, and start fresh.

Choosing the wrong company could cost you money, it could also cost you an early eviction.

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 After Signing Up, Take Advantage of our Ancilary Program!

1. Realtor Assistance Program – Qualify to find a new home during the eviction process

Real Estate

2. Credit Repair Program – Get your credit score higher and fix your credit today!

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We’re on your side

You can trust us to file the documents required to stop your eviction, and to ensure that you get the time you need in your property and are treated as the law dictates.

We’ll make things simple

We understand this is a stressful time for you.
For your convenience you can email or fax all
The documents you have received from the new
Owner, or court.
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We’ll deliver the goods

You need a company you can count on to do the job fully, and to get it right the first time. Testimonials from the countless families we have helped are evidence of our track record.

We’ll give you FREE advice

There’s nothing to lose from calling us and getting advice on your situation. Our consultation is absolutely free of risk and cost – and the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can begin to help

We’ve helped many families stay in their homes.

If you’re facing eviction, we can do the same for you!